One of the things we miss, I feel, is what I call “knowing the monster.”  My kid has anxiety. I have anxiety. Half the world has significant anxiety. But what does that really mean?  It’img-things more than worried, its more than scared. It’s not just about spiders or germs. Its bigger than that. Its fear stuck in the wrong spot. Its fear stuck in every spot. My body is tense. I don’t eat. I don’t sleep.  I can’t shut my head off. I can’t think straight. I am fighting for my life when the world around me is calm, cool and collected (and staring at me!).  It feels like I monster I know nothing about!

Anxiety is shutting down the world. Its stealing fun from kids and adults alike, in all sorts of places. Our lives are getting smaller and we feel out of control.  I didn’t choose this.  I didn’t check some box on the way out asking to  get what I got and yet here I am.  I didn’t choose what bugs me and yet it does and its growing.

And then there’s times when it’s been better and times when it’s been worse. How’s that happen? Did I do this?  Though all of it I feel like I’m on a roller coaster and someone else is at the wheel, but its my fault.

Its time we got to know the monster; what is anxiety? How does it affect the us? Me, you, them.  I’m not alone.  Knowing my monster, what anxiety is in me, is critical. Knowing is critical.  How can I hope to make progress if I don’t know what I’m fighting?  Our Friday night workshop is designed to set a solid foundation of knowledge in a friendly and engaging format.  Science, personal experience, treatment and theory delivered carefully so you’ll have the chance to interact with me.  You’ll leave being able to answer the following:

  1. What is anxiety?
  2. How pervasive is it?
  3. How does it get places it doesn’t belong?
  4. What is its effect on our minds, and
  5. What impact does it have on our lives (what’s the prognosis?)
  6. Is something wrong with me? Them? Us?
  7. Where do we start working?

And well, this is just the start.  Saturday is all about the work. How do we get out of our anxiety and back into our lives.   How does anxiety become our ally instead of the monster it can sometimes feel like?