Nate Searle MSc BCBA is a local Behaviour Analyst who provides workshops on anxiety, autism and other subjects. He has many years of experience working with children and youth with various levels of ability.


Workshops by Nate Searle aim to help those of us who find ourselves in the midst of a struggle with anxiety get back into our lives.  Anxiety shrinks lives and steals. We want to make that stop!  We aim to teach students  enough about anxiety that they can makes purposeful changes in their lives.  We aim to help them  move to a point where they are able to see their anxiety as a tool and not a hindrance.  This is no small feat!

Our goal is to help adults and children alike to understand and therefore thrive through their anxiety.


Nate Searle provides workshops on anxiety in which he uses both his background in studying behaviour as well as his own experience with anxiety to share authentically. Watch for details on workshops open to the public or use the “Contact Us” tab to arrange for Nate to come speak for your organization.